Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Freebies

Tiger lily...or mysterious sea creature?
 Years ago a friend dug up a start from one of his "wild lilies" that he had growing on his property, and gave it to me.  I planted it near my Secret Garden, and they've been growing happily ever since.  I love these "wild lilies" ("tiger lillies" or "Lilium Tigrinum")...their brilliant orange contrasts vividly with dark brown spots.   And they look all the world like some kind of sea creature...a type of jelly fish or an octopus.

These lilies spread readily and are low maintenance, though they don't like this drought-y weather we've been having.  And I love how those little seeds just sit there at the junction of leaf and stem. 
View from below... Notice the seeds at the stem/leaf junction


 And what's this?  A ready-made canoe for a very small fairy-like creature sits at the end of each pistil!

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  1. I can imagine one of those little canoes floating out from my Spring Well in the fairy dell, resplendent with some of the Sidhe aboard!