Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where For Art Thou, Rain?

Sweet pea after the rain...
Yesterday we got a little rain in the evening and through the night.  It wasn't much, though, and today I had to grab the hose and water things that were beginning to wilt.  We just got enough to make things very, very humid.  We had a very wet spring, and I thought it would never stop raining!  We could certainly use some of that excess rain at the moment, however.

I just got chased into the house by a thunderstorm.  The sky is dark, there's lots and lots of thunder, the breeze picked up and cooled the 88 degree F temps down to a chilly 78.  Right.  Chilly...Rain drops have begun to fall, but they're few and far between.  I hope we get more than we did last night, otherwise this dog's bark will certainly be worse than its bite.

The above sweet pea was photographed yesterday after a bit of rain fell.   I think this sweet pea variety is  "King of the Blues" (I'd have to unearth my records to know for sure!) Click on the photo to enlarge it...that lavender bit that hangs down to the left reminds me of a Walt Disney-style ball gown, swooping across the dance floor, bedecked with sparkling raindrop jewels. 

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