Saturday, July 16, 2011

So, I Have This Mirror....

 As I was pondering what I could do with this mirror yesterday, Gypsy sauntered by and paused for a look at himself

So, yes, I've got this mirror.  It had been hanging in our dining room for many years, but then we re-did the dining room (painted walls, new floor...) and the mirror came down.  Hubby wanted to toss it in the trash (horrors!)  I wasn't sure what we would do with it if we kept it, so I advertised it on Freecycle, twice.  No takers.  So, I've still got the mirror and it currently resides by the patio waiting for a new home.  I nearly hauled it off to the Goodwill store, but then I remembered....

I remembered the amazing gardens we visited at The National Garden Exhibition in Kilquade, County Wicklow, Ireland back in 2004.  One of the exhibits featured an Oriental Garden, and I remember being intrigued by the mirrors.

Jeremiah posing in front of the TWO mirrors (see the other tucked away under the "bridge" to the right? Click photo to enlarge) in the Oriental garden at the National Garden Exhibition in Kilquade, County Wicklow, Ireland 2004.

Ah yes, now my head is spinning, coming up with ideas of how I can incorporate this mirror into one of my gardens here and have it look right, and how to keep it from getting broken, or how to keep birds from flying into it or from animals from crashing into it...Ideas, anyone?


  1. Here's an idea to help the birds and create even more illusion...put a trellis up about 2-3feet in front of the mirror, planting a delicate climber by it...This will add great depth and illusion and protect your garden friends, the birds!
    It looks great!

  2. Great idea! Now I just need to find the perfect spot...