Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Take That, You Asparagus Beetles!!

I was feeling all smug recently because I hadn't seen any asparagus beetles on my oh-so-delicious asparagus yet this spring. I've been eating fresh asparagus nearly every day since April 21, but lo! When I went to the garden a couple days ago to cut some asparagus for supper, what did I find? ASPARAGUS BEETLES nonchalantly laying eggs all over my asparagus and in general having a gorge-fest on the succulent young spears.

Enter The Peeps. Ah, they may be too young to lay eggs for me just yet, but they're wicked deadly to asparagus beetles. I grabbed a handful of the said beetles and tossed them into the crate where the peeps had been enjoying the recent warm weather. A few beetles managed to fly away, but the slower of the lot became peep snacks. Yes! They're definitely going to earn their keep.

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