Monday, May 3, 2010

So Far Behind!

Royal Paulonia Blooms

I can't believe I've gotten so far behind in this blog! So much is going on and I just haven't taken the time to write updates. Garden, chicks, etc. etc. are in full swing and I've got lots of catching up to do.

I noticed a couple days ago that the Royal Paulonia tree that I planted about five years ago has finally bloomed! It's got gorgeous purple flowers that smell amazing. I've never seen another Royal Paulonia growing anywhere, so really had no idea what to expect. Just when the Eastern Redbud is losing its buds, the Royal Paulonia is taking over. Nice.

And I just realized yesterday that when rhubarb goes to seed, it smells just like mushrooms! I was weeding or watering around the rhubarb and I kept smelling mushrooms. So, hoping I might find some morels growing nearby (!!), I looked around and of course found none. But I did happen to take a whiff of the rhubarb seed stalk and wowzers! Mushroom scent!

Here is Zoe, the last of 7 peeps to hatch last week. She's had a rough start, with a hurt leg and she's so much smaller than the other 6. Such a dear!

I've got seven new little peeps which hatched out last week! They are amazingly cute (aren't they all?!) I'll fill you in on the details soon, but for now Speck, a Speckled Sussex is their "mommy" and is doing a wonderful job raising them, even though she's not really their mommy at all.

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