Monday, May 4, 2009

Rainy Day Chores

Rain on the redbud tree

Today was a chilly 54 degrees F., drizzly and overcast most of the day. I felt like I was back in Ireland, which is not a bad thing at all. The first thing I did when I got up this a.m. (I'm off work for the week), was to tackle Mount Washmore...I had several loads of laundry to get done and folded, and was happy to check that off my to-do list.

After breakfast and coffee, I potted up 30 strawberry plants, utilizing the dining room table covered with newspapers. I had planned to use the picnic table out under the apple trees, but the drizzle was a bit heavy at the time. These pots are temporary arrangements for the berries until I can finish the strawberry bed where they will go; I just didn't want the poor little dears to languish and die while they waited on me--I can be slow sometimes at getting plants in the ground.

Apple blossoms covering the picnic table and trays of seedlings

The drizzle continued, but was light at times, and that is when Hubby Dean and I went out to work on what Dean calls "the chicken box"...a glorified brooder. It's not quite a chicken coop, but far larger than what they've got at the moment.

Toodie waiting at the patio gate with her ball, oblivious to the rain that came down all day today

Next came lunch of stuffed mushrooms and some leftover vegetarian chili. After lunch it was back out to work on the "chicken box". Hopefully this will be finished by this evening so I can move the peeps out there tomorrow and get them out of the house!

Wet plants in my Secret Garden, loving today's rain

Once the rain started coming down in buckets, we decided to call it quits on the construction project. Dean ran into town to grab a few things at the store, and I planted some late arriving seeds into peat pellets and finished making two kinds of yogurt. Well, the yogurt isn't actually finished, I just got it mixed up and it should be ready by tomorrow after "brewing" overnight.

Now it's dark and getting late, the "chicken box" is mostly finished, the peeps have been bedded down for the night and I'm ready to sit and veg. It's nice to know that, in spite of the rain, we can still get quite a bit accomplished around here!

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