Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Babies Galore!

Baby Blues...future tasty blueberries

Spring is known for babies...chicks, baby birds, foals, calves, bunnies...you name it. Seems like there's a lot of new life in spring. Cairnwood Cottage has its share of new life as well.

The 19 asparagus crowns that I planted on April 6 are finally showing signs of life. Tiny little asparagus "seedlings' are poking up beside the stakes that mark the spot where I planted them. I had been getting a bit worried as I expected them to make an appearance long before this. Better late than never.
Newly planted asparagus is finally peeking!

The fruit trees are sporting tiny little fruits.
Baby pear

The blueberry bushes are loaded with baby blueberries...let's hope I get more than the birds do this season!

Asparagus beetles are hard at working trying to create another generation of beetles for me to battle and feed to the chickens. They just won't give up!
Who gets more of my asparagus...me or these beetles?!

My Miss Bateman clematis blossoms have opened further.
Miss Bateman cleamatis

Miss Bateman clematis...view from below

Baby birds are cheeping from their hidden nest under our front porch roof. The list goes on. Who can't love spring?

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